Tales Of The Cocktail: Day 2

On day two at Tales Of The Cocktail, our Astor Wines & Spirits & Astor Center folks dove right into a professional series of seminars. Of course, in between, there were cocktails and food to be enjoyed. Here’s a little peek into what they’ve been up to…

Best Thing I Drank

Stephanie (Astor Wines & Spirits Buyer & Sales Staff Manager)
Whistlepig Rye old fashioned at Sylvain”

Best Thing I Ate

Jenn (General Manager of Astor Center)
“Without question, the plate of “southern antipasto” that we had at Sylvain was the best thing I ate – homemade pickles and spicy giardinere, creamy eggs, and, to my delight, real tomatoes sliced and served with salt and vinegar. It was a taste of what we won’t get in New York for a month or so – sweet, skunky, ripe tomatoes begging for salt.”

Best Thing I Learned

Dan (Astor Wines & Spirits Vice-President & Spirits Consultant)
“The most interesting thing I learned, according to Simon Difford, is that there is ample evidence that the cocktail originated in England, not the United States. This is a topic that can be debated for a long time, but he made very strong arguments in favor of England.
I also tried spunk in a seminar today. It is a mushroom that grows on trees that is used for flavoring Fernet. Because Spunk lives on trees, it absorbs all of the juices from the bark, therefore the flavor profile is nothing like what you would expect from a mushroom. It was bitter and thus a perfect flavoring agent for Fernet.”