Tales Of The Cocktail: Day 3

I don’t know about you, but our front row seat to this festival is leaving me hungry and itching for a tasty cocktail! While we’re soaking up the 101 degree heat here in New York, our Tales correspondents are enjoying all that New Orleans has to offer. Check out what they drank, ate and learned on day three at Tales of the Cocktail and find out about a special product that will soon be available at Astor Wines & Spirits…

Best Thing I Drank

Stephanie (Astor Wines & Spirits Buyer & Sales Staff Manager)
“Best Dance Ever: Bols Genever, apple cider, lemon juice, maple syrup, Bulleit Bourbon, rosemary, clove – created by John Lermeyer from the Florida Room in Miami Beach.
This was his cocktail that he made for the Left Coast Libations East Coast vs West Coast Spirited Dinner at GW Fins.”

Best Thing I Ate

Jenn (General Manager of Astor Center)
“I had this delicious, briny, bracing, sweet oyster shooter (oyster, cocktail sauce, tabasco and vodka) as part of my epic oyster lunch at Acme.”

Best Thing I Learned

Jenn (General Manager of Astor Center)
“I learned a ton about Cuba (from Jeff Berry and Dave Wondrich) and women saloon owners (from the ladies of LUPEC) during Prohibition. It’s getting me excited about our Boardwalk Empire cocktail class in September!”

and something else fun from Dan…

Dan (Astor Wines & Spirits Vice-President & Spirits Consultant)
“Balcones Distillery in Texas has released a product called Brimstone, which will be available at Astor Wines & Spirits within the next 2 weeks. They dry the barley for whiskey production with a fire of Texas Scrub oak which has created a flavor profile never tasted in American whiskey.  It is a similar concept to how the Scottish dry their barley using peat fires, but the wood adds distinct notes of American BBQ that will lend itself to the perfect pairing; Brimstone and real Texas BBQ.  Not grilling, but proper BBQ.  Not the act of throwing stuff on a grill but the slow smoking of meat over several days.  Yum!”