US Bartenders Guild Master Series: Rosser Lomax

Our bartenders series continued last Monday night with Rosser Lomax of Rye House pouring Woodford Reserve Bourbon. We pulled him aside for a quick Q&A before the eager masses crowded our tasting bar. 

How did you first get into bartending?
Like a lot of people do – by drinking. I started drinking interesting cocktails when i was living in Philadelphia. A Saratoga was my first introduction into cocktails.

What’s the strangest drink request you’ve ever received?
Someone who was willing to pay for a top shelf version of a long island iced tea.

Favorite winter time cocktail?
Scotch. With a splash of water.

Top 3 things in order that you love about being a bartender?
1. Having someone come into my establishment, be made to feel at home, and leave thinking – I’ll be going back there again.
2. Trying new and interesting boozes
3. Camaraderie with other spirits aficionados in the industry

Favorite movie of all time?
Street of Crocodiles
What do you love about it? 
The interaction between stop motion animation and the music. It’s visual poetry.