A Rare & Limited Bottling Cognac

This bottle is one of Astor’s most prized new possessions. Just everything that an extremely rare spirit should be: luxurious, endlessly intoxicating, complex, perfectly balanced, hedonistic, and serious, but most of all always a pleasure to drink. Navarre is an ancient house that produces some of the most traditional cognac you can find. With an average age of 40-50 yrs for the blend, the cognac comes to a natural 45% alcohol with no added water, simply through the humidity of the cellar oxidizing the barrels over a long, long period of time. The result is simply a spirit nearly unmatched in quality with a tremendous level of flavor, aroma, and depth. The proprietor, Jacky Navarre, lives, breathes, and makes these incredible potions. However only 60 bottles exist in the US and we have just a precious few to offer. Do not miss.

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