15% Off Portugal, Port & Madeira (10/23/12)

This is a big one: All Portuguese wines, Ports, and Madeiras are on sale today!

If you’re new to the wines of Portugal, or don’t know the first thing about fortifieds, scroll down and you’ll find three handy guides for newbies. When you’re ready, just head to the sale!

Don’t forget, our big Port & Chocolate tasting is next week at Astor Center: Learn the ins and outs of one of the world’s most decadent pairings, and taste incredible wines and amazing chocolates along the way! Get your tickets here.

Portugal Map

There you have it: our beginner’s guides should give you plenty of info to get started. Stop by the store today to get a recommendation from our friendly, knowledgeable staff, or shop today’s sale online!

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