15% Off Alternatives To Champagnes (12/11/12)

Great bubbly is a New Year’s requirement!

This sale will help you stock up for holiday celebrations: for New Year’s Eve in particular, but also for the plethora of other holiday parties between now and Dec. 31.

You can never have too much sparkling wine in December. Find out more about a few of our favorite Alternatives to Champagne below – or head to the big bubbly sale now!

Cava is an excellent Champagne alternative, and its easy-drinking character makes it hugely popular. Have you tried the rosé version? Click here to try a fresh and lovely version made from an indigenous red Spanish grape.

Any dry French sparkling wine made outside of Champagne, white or rosé, may be called a “Crémant.” In practice, there are a huge range of wines that fall under this broad definition; since 1990, there has even been a “Crémant de Bordeaux” appellation. Try this Crémant de Bordeaux from Jean-Louis Ballarin: it is lean, waxy, floral, and delicious.

Prosecco has a broader appeal than almost any other wine: always fresh and approachable, this Italian bubbly is perfect for large gatherings. Bring a bottle of this dry and elegant Prosecco to your next party.

Also a huge hit at parties, sparkling red Lambrusco is a delightful, robust Italian wine. Try this berry-flavored, well-mineraled, dry version for a very tasty introduction.

…And the list goes on! Dozens of great sparkling wines are on sale today at Astor. Come to the store and see them all – or browse our full sale selection here.. Remember: sale prices are only valid while supplies last!