Whisky Smackdown: Scotch vs. Bourbon

Donkeys vs. elephants, Android vs. Apple, King Kong vs. Godzilla – everywhere you go, there’s challenge and competition. Now, we’re going to pit our favorite whiskies against each other to see which ones come out on top. If you’ve graduated from Whisky 101, consider this your certification training.

Part one of this series focuses on Scotch vs. Bourbon. These two contenders are so different they can’t even agree on spelling – whiskey or whisky? Is one just about youth and energy and the other rife with age and wisdom? Or are they two distant cousins torn apart by the ravages of time and distance? We’ll get to the bottom of the barrel with comparative tastings, cocktail pairings, a lighthearted quiz, and more.

Straight whiskies and cocktails will be presented. Get your tickets here for this December 13th smackdown.