Bitters and Beyond: Amaro, Vermouth and the Cocktail

The Hella Bitter team is excited to offer an in-depth look at the world of bitters and how to make great cocktails using them. A fundamental ingredient in not only cocktails but the history of drinking, one cannot overlook their cultural significance in the western world. In class we will taste six examples of bitters, a genre that includes vermouths, amaros, apertivos and non-potables (ie aromatic & citrus bitters). We discuss the differences among each example and analyze how each one tastes. Next we will discuss bitters in the context of cocktails, and how to introduce this ingredient into your own home bar. From basic techniques we’ll make a few of the most classic bitters cocktails, demonstrating how vital and delicious bitters can be. Class will conclude with questions and ideas about how to extend what we learned and how to apply it to at home adventures in mixology.

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