Advanced Bar Skills

So you’ve taken a bunch of cocktail classes and are ready to step up your bartending game. Want to know what it’s like to really work behind a bar, or just want to learn how improve your home bartending game? This class is designed for enthusiasts who want to move beyond cocktail basics and delve into serious technique with an eye toward hospitality, multitasking, speed, and service. We’ll cover the qualities that make a great host and bartender, how to set up your space for success, and how to design cocktails for efficiency and taste. We’ll hop behind the bar, practice shaking and stirring multiple cocktails simultaneously, and will make drinks for ‘bar guests’ and for the ‘service bar.’ We will discuss technique, speed and efficiency as we lead you on your way to shaking and stirring like a pro (all while sampling a multitude of delicious cocktails, of course).

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