Rum Tasting and Cocktail Primer


Fri, Dec 5th, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Click here for tickets!

As the most unregulated spirit category in the world, rum has the greatest diversity in terms of flavor profile. But, while variety is great, it’s often difficult to interpret the products on the market, as there are so many options available. Join us for this primer on rum as we explore the origins, geography, and production of rum. We’ll sample rums with a range of flavor profiles and make several cocktails that showcase landmark moments in this spirit’s history.

Learning Objectives:
Gain a better understanding of the geographical and historical origins of rum.
Taste through, compare, and contrast varying styles of rum.
Explore the production processes and raw materials associated with rum.
Learn the language of rum and what certain jargon can tell you about this spirit.
Get familiar with making rum cocktails and with the stories behind them.

Guests Will Receive:
A tasting of at least four rums.
A minimum of three cocktails.
Time for hands-on cocktail making and instruction.
Palate-cleansing bread and cheese.
Two hours of education, including Q & A with an Astor Center instructor.