Our Picks for Meatless Monday

Just because you’re sticking to meatless Monday doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a glass of wine with dinner. Here are a few picks for our favorite wines to go with vegetarian food:



Bianco Spinomarino, Fatalone – 2013 

From the Murgian hills within the territory of Gioia del Colle, near the tiny town of Spinomarino comes this Greco with a heady scent of grapes in flower. Green apple and tropical pineapple mingle with honeysuckle and spring fresh scents. Accessible with a pleasantly balanced texture, the aromas are augmented on the palate, supported by clear minerality. The texture and components of this wine make it a friendly partner to fried foods or grilled vegetable. Also a daring pairing with white pizzas!



Lagrein Rosato, Muri Gries – 2014

An assertively perfumed nose offers a spicy bouquet of red berries, blood orange, dusty minerals and fresh white flowers. Tangy red currant and wild strawberry flavors display great nervy intensity and clarity, along with a vivid mineral underpinning. An elegant selection for summer evening herbed green salads or a fresh caprese salad!




 “BioNoir,” Erwin Tinhof – 2011

Erwin Tinhof farms 14 hectares in Eisenstadt (northern Burgenland). He farms organically (certified) and works with little intervention in the cellar. His BioNoir, a natural blend of Zweigelt and Blaufränkis, breathes fresh and floral tones, charms in its open profile, and is layered with easy red fruits, wild berries, and a touch of mountain vegetable. A cheerful and fresh choice for spicy vegetarian curries.

Negroamaro “Renata Fonte”, Salento Rosso – 2011

A wild, musky red wine from Apulia, the state in Italy known as the “heel” on the map. Full of sapid, pulpy black fruits, this is a fine match with mushroom orecchiette, but it also works well with grilled vegetables doused in olive oil. Aged in large, old tonneau for a year before bottling, this wine was made from vines that were confiscated from the Mafia and returned to local growers in an effort to further aid the local economy. Renata Fonte was a political activist from Nardò, Apulia, a victim of the Mafia. Today, she continues to be heralded as one of the most effective environmentalists of her time.