Bordeaux Wines: Part Deux

Monday, Apr 24 6:30 PM – Click here for tickets!


In this class we delve even deeper into the Left and Right banks of Bordeaux. We’ll explore a higher-tier selection of wines from top producers and discuss details on individual vintages, age-ability and their ideal drinking window. This is a great next step if you are a Bordeaux enthusiast or if you’ve already taken the Bordeaux: Left Bank vs Right Bank class and are eager to learn and taste more!

What you can expect:

  • Four higher-tier selections of Left Bank Bordeaux.
  • Four higher-tier selections of Right Bank Bordeaux.
  • Palate-cleansing bread and cheese.
  • Two hours of instruction, including Q&A time with an Astor Center instructor.

What you will learn:

  • The effect of soil, climate, and viticulture on Bordeaux wines.
  • How to determine the age-ability of a Bordeaux wine.
  • The concept of “vintage” and its importance to the Bordeaux region.
  • How to properly taste and discuss the components of wine.
  • Global influence of Bordeaux in today’s market.