Italian Wine to Make you Feel Fine

Italian Wine to Sip on and Enjoy


Italian wine can be intimidating. Regions and grape varieties seem infinite. Designations are chaotic. The only way to grasp this soulful and wild wine territory is to start drinking a lot of Italian wine. Now more than ever, natural and small producers are making wines that are precisely what we want to drink: expressive, excellent with food, and simply delicious. Don’t waste another minute reading about Italian wine. Start gulping! Sales associates Marcarthur Barallo, Amy Miller, and Elizabeth Smith, and sales manager Bambi Ray share their current Italian wine obsessions.

“Pithos” Bianco, COS – 2015 $30.96
Created by three school friends, the Azienda Agricola COS produces complex and deep wine. The Pithos Bianco is no exception. An orange wine made from the Garganega grape with nutty notes, grapefruit, orange, island flowers, and green tea. – MB

Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Gulfi – 2015 $19.96
Bright and snappy, this delightful Cerasuola will make you smile with the first sip. Made from 50% Frappato and 50% Nero d’Avola, it shows blackberry and cherry notes with a hint of spice, all bolstered by a lively acidity. It’s a great weeknight wine, delicious all on its own or paired with light, tomato-based pastas. – AM

Pecorino “Onirocep”, Pantaleone – 2015 $21.96
Pantaleone Onirocep 2015 shows notes of ripe apple, rich peach, blossoms, and honeysuckle. On the palate it’s very floral and full, but slightly spritzy with a steely mineral finish. Ideal with a baked fish and cherry tomatoes, a well-dressed salad with goat cheese and pecans, or a snack of olives and sliced pecorino cheese! – ES

Pinot Grigio, Abbazia Novacella – 2015 $24.96
There is ubiquitous, Happy Hour Pinot Grigio, and then there is Pinot Grigio that is a real wine revelation! Fortunately Abbazia di Novacella falls under the latter description. The monastic order responsible for this juice has been around since the 1100s and their current winemaker was named Italy’s 2009 oenologist of the year, so they really know what they are doing! – BR