Carte Blanche for Pairings

Work Those White Wines

White wines are like wild cards. We so often expect them to be tame and simple, but sometimes they pack a punch. Did you know that some whites are fermented with the skins imparting tannins? Or, that they can gain a rich, oxidative qualities that pair well with gamey dishes like venison or guinea hen? There are also uniquely refreshing, spritzy whites with a lemony salinity that pairs oh-so-well with oysters or fresh, grilled fish.

Refreshing, savory, elegant, or all three—you’ll find a white wine to hit the mark. Keep reading for some well-loved picks by sales associates, Erik Guzinski, Sam Davies, Jon Miner, and Doug Yacka.

Menetou-Salon Blanc, Domaine de Champarlan $24.96

Located to the southwest of Sancerre, this small appellation produces high-quality Sauvignon Blancs of excellent value. This wine has a vibrant and aromatic nose, with citrus fruit and mineral notes. Round and medium-bodied, the palate features menthol accents coupled with an elegant acidity. – Erik Guzinski

Rosé, Quinta do Avelar, Bucelas $16.96

Tired of the same old summer wines? Can’t take anymore rosé? This Arinto from Lisbon will cure what ails you. Salted lemons, fragrant white peaches, and an acidity that gives it serious lift. – Sam Davies

Savennières, Roche aux Moines, Domaine aux Moines 1999 $32.98

Few white wines age as gracefully as Chenin Blanc, as this bottle is sure to prove. Lightly oxidative and highly aromatic, the nose weaves together dried orchard fruit and herbs. The palate is full and dry, marked by notes of hazelnut, toasted barley, honeycomb, and wet stone, in perfect complement with seamless acidity. – Jon Miner

Weissburgunder, Muri Gries $17.96

You probably know Weissburgunder by its more familiar moniker, Pinot Blanc. The winery, Muri-Gries, is a working Benedictine monastery in the cool climate Alto Adige. Medium-bodied and refreshing, this wine is like biting into a crisp, juicy yellow apple. Hints of lemon blossom, spice, and white pepper add complexity. My mind is thinking white meat dinner but my heart is saying fondue! – Doug Yacka