U.S. Whiskeys from East to West

Bourbon, Rye & Malt


From New York to Texas to Oregon, American whiskeys are marked by an innovative spirit and a respect for traditions from around the world.

Smooth bourbons, spicy ryes, and modern malts—sip across the states with these picks from our staff!

Pure Kentucky Small Batch Bourbon $32.99

So many labels and so few age statements! Pure Kentucky is a terrific bourbon that gets no love from the whiskey elite. It has the wonderful pedigree, being made at the Willet Distillery, and there is plenty of aged, wheated whiskey in the blend showing depth and character befitting a 6 to 8 year-old spirit. – Erik Guzinski, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon $19.99

These days Bourbon is becoming a little too esoteric. Four Roses Yellow Label always reminds me that good bourbon doesn’t need a flashy label, humongous age statement, or a lofty story. Good bourbon needs to satisfy and make you want to tilt the glass again. – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Coppersea Bottled In Bond Rye Malt Whisky $114.96

Rich aromas of plum, tobacco leaf, wildflower honey, and pencil shavings on the nose preview the complex flavors delivered by this smooth, single-malt rye. Coppersea uses heritage malting methods and grain sourced locally from Hudson Valley farms to achieve an impressive level of quality and sophistication with this rye. – Keyana Shaw, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Black Dirt Astor Single Barrel Bourbon $54.96

Here is an exclusive Astor Single Barrel bottling from our friends in the Hudson Valley, Black Dirt Distilling. Bottled cask-strength, this Bourbon is rich, and dense with classic vanilla, spice, and a hint of fruit—something like fresh, farm apples. – Josh Mizrahi, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Coppersea Straight Rye Malted Whiskey $79.96

Tasting this bottling of Coppersea Rye conjures images of walking through a grain field on a warm afternoon just before the bounty is reaped. With a kiss of honey, warm spices, and a touch of hot cinnamon on the finish—what more could you want from a locally made spirit? #DrinkNY – Bambi Ray, Wine & Spirits Consultant