How to Pair Wines When You’re Ordering In

Like a pro.


Whether you’re ordering from your neighborhood restaurant or cooking from scratch, a delicious wine pairing can make any meal memorable. Be prepared for everything from pizza night to taco Tuesday with our suggestions for wines to pair with the most popular delivery options.


Lambrusco, and other Italian sparkling reds, are a natural choice for pizza, mozzarella sticks, and the rest of your order—not to mention popping a cork makes things more fun. Try the berry-forward Lambrusco Pruno Nero, Cleto Chiarli. For vegetable pies and anything with ricotta, go for the mellow and textural whites from Piedmont, like Langhe Bianco from Cagliero.


Enhance chorizo tacos and chunky guacamole with a fruity, lightly-oaked white, like the luscious Terre Brûlée Chenin Blanc from South Africa. Low-alcohol and low-tannin reds are just right with a slight chill next to fiery salsas, cheese, beans, and rice (try Zajc from Cvicek).


Beef stir-fry, crispy duck, and pork demand rustic reds like Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie from Corbières in Languedoc. For white, minerally Elbling from Furst in the Mosel is easy to gulp between bites of spicy Sichuan or nutty sesame noodles.


It’s a bit of a stereotype to recommend off-dry Riesling and Gewürztraminer with spicy stir fry and curry, but with good reason. The slight sweetness in these wines gives them the presence to stand up to big flavors instead of fighting them. Rieslings labeled “feinherb” are off-dry and usually affordable—Später-Veit’s is both and comes in a convivial liter-bottle to boot. Herbaceous Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley’s Montinore is another good contender next to cilantro and basil-laced salads.


Red doesn’t have to be a daring pairing with fish, especially for meaty tuna or eel. But keep it on the light side, like thin-skinned Grignolino from Oreste Buzio. Since Muscadet is known for pairing with oysters, the tart, minerally style from Domaine des Trois Versants works with raw fish, seaweed salad, and fried gyoza just as well.