Staff Pick Wines for Spring

Shop some of our staff’s favorite choices for fickle spring weather. When the forecast changes day to day, you need highly adaptable options. You’ll be covered with these 7 wines (and one cider).

Rotation Rosé – 2020 $11.96

It’s not every day you see rosé made from primarily Chenin Blanc, from California no less. I was skeptical at first but the light color and the ease of a screw cap won me over. I’m glad I tried it! Bright and fresh with a nice amount of body and texture. This is an easygoing summer porch pounder with some aromatic appeal and a nice dry finish. Check it and see! – Josh Mizrahi, Sales Manager

Barrika Basque Cider $11.96

Bring on da noise, bring on da funk. Basque cider is unlike any other in the worldsomehow mouth puckeringly tart, intensely dry, and fantastically refreshing all at the same time. It’s unfiltered and, while not sparkling, there is a natural zing that brings on the feeling of petillance. Barrika is a treat as an aperitif or with light seafood, but can also stand up to heavier dishes, it’s tartness acting as a foil to rich meats and sauces. Topa! – Tekla Israelson, Sales Manager

Medievo Blanco Joven, Bodegas del Medievo – 2018 $14.96

On the nose you get a blend of sweet tropical fruit, the ripe smell of pineapple, orange peel, and lemon zest. The brightness of kiwi and fresh cantaloupe drifting through ocean air. Heaps of hibiscus, island floral notes like walking through a plumeria tree-lined beach. The grape Viura used in this bottle brings such pleasure with its kaleidoscope of warm weather fruits and flowers. This white blend will transport you to warmer days in just one sip. – Heather Gordon, Former Wines & Spirits Consultant

Morellino di Scansano, Moris Farms – 2017 $16.96

Looking for an amazing all around wine to drink on its own or with a hearty dinner? Maybe something that will satisfy the crowd as well as the connoisseur? The Morisfarms Morellino Di Scansano is a wine for all people and occasions. Pardon the cliché but this Sangiovese-dominant blend checks all the boxes for me when it comes to a red I’d consider calling my house go-to. It has the value at well under $20, an utterly charming rusticity, moderate alcohol level, the distinctive combination of fruit concentration, earthiness and minerality that Italy seems to deliver more consistently than any other country, and an amazing drinkability that allows you to forgive its level of complexity- no wine’s perfect after all. – Anthony Grourke, Former Wines & Spirits Consultant

Puszta Libre!, Claus Preisinger – 2020 $21.96

Puszta in Hungarian means the “wide free land” and that is nicely embodied in this wine. It is made in stainless steel using ambient yeast and aged in large foudre. A blend of Zwiegelt and St. Laurent with a beautiful dark cherry color and black fruit flavors to match, this wine is light and bright with smooth tannins making it delicious and easy to pair with many different types of food. Drink this slightly chilled and I highly suggest pairing it with your roasted chicken of choice. – Hannah Weiss, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Fitou “Retour aux Sources”, Mas des Caprices – 2015 $24.96

This is a wonderful red blend from Fitou, a small sub-region of the Languedoc-Roussillon. Schist soil brings a nice minerality. The wine is matured in oak for ten months. Carignan provides tannin and color. Grenache, as always a great blending partner, gives berry flavors and perfume. Mourvedre adds herbal tones and body. This wine is pure, elegant, and layered. It reflects the traditional style of this small area: black fruit flavors followed by herbal notes, such as rosemary. …”Retour aux Sources” is a strange name for a wine. The producers, Pierre and Mireille Mann, after opening a restaurant in Alsace, felt the need to produce their own wine and decided to “return to source.” They moved back to Fitou…thank you for doing that! – Andrea Fraccari, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Rosato Frizzante “Pettirosso,” Punta Crena – 2018 $24.96

Paolo Ruffino, whose family has run the vineyard for generations, says of their farming practices, “We’re not organic… We just do everything the same way our ancestors have for hundreds of years.” Bonus info: It’s delicious, but I wouldn’t call it “easy-drinking,” which is often a euphemism for light bodied and forgettable. This is a savory, structured rose with texture and personality. Native grapes Rossece and Crovino are co-vinified in a single fermentation, and the wine spends 4 months on the lees. – Gwendolyn Connors, Former Wines & Spirits Consultant

“A Peïssou”, Dom. des Amiel – 2018 $29.96

This intense, but nuanced expression of Syrah sings of rich crushed blackberry and plum, pepper and spice, wild flowers, and a hint of smoked meat. The Amiel family has been making wine since the 1400’s, so it’s no surprise that the brothers inherited a talent. But what is noteworthy is their insistence on keeping their winemaking as natural and non-invasive as possible. Sadly, the Languedoc-Roussillon region in which their estate lies has become better known for large-scale production of average wines, so enjoy the exception to the rule. Food pairing? Break out the cassoulet! – Doug Yacka, Operations Manager