Impressive Aperitifs

Sensational spritzes and captivating kirs wouldn’t be possible without a robust range of aperitifs. While home bartenders experiment with absinthe and brooklyn-made aperitivi, purists can sip on chamomile liqueur or pastis cut only with water.

Half-Bottle of Élicser Combier $27.99

Fancy a tasteful journey on the flavor spectrum? Initially developed as a tonic for aches and pains, this elixir with aromatic and flavor components from far flung corners of the globe plays surprisingly well with agave spirits. – Bambi Ray, Sales Manager

Etna Bitter $29.96

My favorite bitter liqueurs are the ones that stoke the appetite. The use of Sicilian oranges and almonds give this bitter a seductive taste and an aroma that fills the nostrils. Serve it chilled and smack your lips. – Sam Davies, Senior Wines & Spirits Consultant

Luxardo Bitter Bianco $29.96

Made with the same botanicals as the Luxardo Bitter, but in the Bianco the botanicals are distilled leaving a transparent elixir. The addition of Roman wormwood at the end enhances the bitter qualities, which makes this an authentic addition to a Negroni Bianco. – Matt Goodyear, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Escubac Botanical Spirit $33.99

Like a less sweet Chartreuse or gin without the juniper, Escubac Botanical Spirit is its own wonderful thing. The ideal summertime aperitif, best served with tonic and a twist of lime. – Josh Mizrahi, Sales Manager

The King’s Ginger Liqueur $34.96

Originally concocted by Berry & Bros in London as a health elixir for King Edward VII, this ginger liqueur is nowadays used as an excellent addition to cocktails. Slightly sweet, it lends spicy ginger, vanilla and orange peel notes. – Amy Miller, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Faccia Brutto Aperitivo Liqueur $34.96

If you’re feeling spritzy today, look no further than this delicious NYC-made aperitivo. Bitter orange, cola, rhubarb, allspice, and a host of other complex flavor notes will go great with seltzer or sparkling white wine. You can also try it in your next americano or negroni. It’ll put a smile on your faccia. – Marc Mousky, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Argalà Pastis Artigianale $37.96

Pastis, with its big anise flavor, is what I reach for when I want refreshing. This one comes from the Alps instead of the Mediterranean coast, and the addition of local mountain botanicals makes for a bracing, citrusy style that is nonetheless very classic. Dilute at around 1:5 parts spirit to very cold water, and find a seat with lots of sunlight. – Jon Miner, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Half-Bottle of Doc Herson’s Natural Red Absinthe $39.99

Doc Herson’s Red is a bit different from a traditional absinthe. It has hibiscus and citrus notes in addition to the traditional anise and wormwood flavors. Fresh and concentrated at the same time, it opens up with a splash of water. I met the producer who told me his favorite way to drink it was with root beer! Made in New York. – Andrea Fraccari, Wines & Spirits Consultant

Marolo Milla Grappa & Camomile Liqueur $59.96

This is something very unique and unusual. Chamomile flowers are left to macerate for 11 months in the grappa made from Nebbiolo grapes. Flavors of honeycomb and peach. Try to enjoy it with some citrus or mix it up in a zombie cocktail. – Davit Kirtadze, Wines & Spirits Consultant