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    Rum For All

      Rum for All: Rum Cocktail Bar & Walk-around Tasting Time flies when you’re having Rum! Raise a glass and toast liquid history at this fabulous Rum Cocktail Bar & Walk-around Tasting! We’ll…

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    A Perfect Liqueur: Elixir Combier

    This re-released recipe includes an exotic blend of herbs, plants, and other spices, including aloe, nutmeg, myrrh, cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron. Daniel Fisher, Head Spirits Buyer at Astor, tells us what makes…

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    Mezcal Meets Gin: A One Of A Kind Spirit

    Pierde Almas produces gourmet, artisanal, small-batch mezcals from naturally fermented agave. They are known not only for their superior products, but also for their social, cultural, and environmental awareness; from fair pay…

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    Savory Cocktails: Mother’s Ruin

    If you love cocktails but lack a sweet tooth, this drink is for you. Check out the video above to see Astor Center instructor April Wachtel create a refreshing savory cocktail with…