Tales Of The Cocktail: Day 4

A fantastic weekend at Tales of the Cocktail is coming to a close. Here’s another snapshot on how the staff of Astor Wines & Spirits and Astor Center are spending their last days down south…

Best Thing I Drank

Dan (Astor Wines & Spirits Vice-President & Spirits Consultant)
“The best thing I drank today was a new estate from Tequila Ocho that should be hitting the market soon. Tequila Ocho is unique to other companies because the flavor profile from each estate is very distinct, just as terrior is to wine.”

Best Thing I Ate

Jenn (General Manager of Astor Center)
“Mmm eponymous milkfed piglet with cracklins at Cochon. Today’s best (or at least most thought-provoking) bite, tho, is Tony Conigliaro’s recipe for turning a regular strawberry into a wild strawberry – add lemon, sugar and a drop of orange blossom water!” 

Best Thing I Learned

Jenn (Manager of Astor Center)
“I learned about the difference between unitary and component flavors from Harold McGee – and how to leverage those differences in cocktail construction.”