New Tequilas Headed To Our Shelves

We’re excited to introduce you to a few new fantastic tequilas that are soon to be hitting the Astor Wines & Spirits shelves. Here’s what our staff is saying about them…

Don Camilo Ceramic 100% Agave Reposado
Hidden in this beautiful ceramic bottle is a true expression of how good tequila from Jalisco can taste. A happy mix of exotic fruits, white pepper and vanilla marry together perfectly in any glass. A great gift idea!

Herencia Mexicana 100% Agave Anejo
This is the essential tequila sipper that is not overpowered by oak despite the age. Spicy cinnamon, cracked pepper, and honey are only a few notes that hardly scratch the surface of the complexity in the glass. Simply stunning! 

Herencia Mexicana 100% Agave Blanco
On the nose, there are glorious floral and herbal notes. On the palate, there is a real presence of green pepper, vegetal notes. A true expression of terrior at an unbeatable price for such high quality tequila.

Dos Manos 100% PURO DE AGAVE Blanco
An exceptionally smooth, hand crafted tequila that is the perfect base for any cocktail, round of shots, or the sophisticated sipper of fine agave products.  

We’ll let you know when they are in!