US Bartenders Guild Master Series: Jason Littrell

Jason Littrell

This week we discovered that it’s never a dull moment when celebrated bartender, Jason Littrell is around. This Monday, Jason took over the Astor Wines & Spirits tasting bar for the second installment of our US Bartenders Guild Master Series. While he was mixing the cocktail of the evening, we asked him a few things that we wanted to know and he poured us a mighty delicious drink with cinnamon syrup, orgeat, cane syrup, lime, pineapple, bitters, mint & Chairman’s Reserve Rum.

Tell us about the cocktail you’re making tonight:
It’s called “Behind God’s Back”. It’s a St Lucian phrase for something that happens on the other side of the island. Something that you don’t want your wife to know about.

What’s the strangest drink request you’ve ever received?
When people ask me for pickle backs. What do you mean you want pickle juice in your drink?

What’s your winter spirit of choice?
Bourbon. I should probably say Rum.

Top 3 things in order that you love about being a bartender?
People, drinking (I’m good at it), and I think it’s a truly honorable profession.

We have an imbibing playlist on Spotify. What favorite drinking tune(s) would you add to it?
Cant stop listenig to Big Boi.

Do you cook?
I make a mean Irish coffee.
That’s not food.
I made some really good Juevos rancheros the other day.
Juevos Rancheros and Irish Coffee together? Hah. No. I made an awesome bloody Mary with the juevos. Celery salt, cloves, pickle brine. It’s awesome.