National Hot Toddy Day

In celebration of National Hot Toddy day, our wine and spirits expert, Omari Wheat, is giving us his take on some more interesting additions to the traditional warm winter cocktail. Grab some honey and boil up some water and try adding one of these spirits tonight to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Compas Box Orangerie┬á– Whiskey with notes of oranges and spices
Gran Centenario Rosangel – Tequila infused with hibiscus flowers
Coquerel VSOP, Calvados – Brandy with flavors of green apples and mint and a slightly floral finish
Tanteo Cocoa Tequila – With notes of cocoa and jalape├▒o
Mezcal Manonegra Espadin – With delicate notes of fruit, fresh herbs, and sweet smoky character intertwined

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