Sherry Tasting & Book Signing (12/19/12)

I’m into fortified wines, and while Madeira has always been my “go-to” fortified, there is something about a good Sherry that needs to be spoken about. It’s a fascinating type of wine that few know much about, and after perusing the latest Sherry book, Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla (Liem, Barquín), I feel like I know a little bit more than I did before. I’ve never visited the region, and that’s why there’s less of a connection, even though I clearly get pangs of excitement when trying the various types. Needless to say, Jeréz is high up on my list of places to visit in 2013.

When you drink a good Sherry, you’ll definitely have a visceral reaction – be it good or bad. It’s that much of a statement wine. Food is mandatory. There are few exceptions, so just make your life easier and stick with this rule on all Sherries. Clear Sherries (as in, they look like water in a glass) work with any fish from the sea – especially the oily ones. Amber-colored dry Sherries work with meats, stews, or rich dishes like osso buco. Sweet Sherries work well with a simple, salty counterpart like roasted and salted nuts or hard cheeses. Sweet wines with a sweet dessert are nothing short of crass in my book. Please don’t ruin good Sherry like this. Sweet Sherry with salty foods: that’s more like it.

There is no better way to learn about Sherry than by tasting it. Lucky for all, we have planned a special free tasting of Sherries this coming week on Wednesday, December 19, 2013. Consider this your official invite. In addition, Peter Liem, the principal author (at least in my eyes) of the recently released Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla will be at our store signing books and speaking about all things fortified from Jeréz. Keep his book and a bottle of Sherry on your shopping list for those people who seem to have it all.

Bottles Being Poured:
Half-Bottle of El Maestro Sierra PX Viejisimo, Sherry
Half-Bottle of César Florido, Oloroso “Cruz del Mar” Sherry
Half-Bottle of Barbadillo Manzanilla “Solear”
Fernando de Castilla, Antique Palo Cortado