15% Off Wines From Provence & Languedoc (4/9/13)

When most people imagine the south of France, they picture the movie stars at Cannes; the landscapes of Van Gogh; the jet-setters on the Riviera.

Not us, however. All week long, we’ve been daydreaming about soil pH levels and vine trellising systems in preparation for today’s sale: the wines of Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon are just that good.

The fact that we’re now enjoying “rosé weather” in New York doesn’t hurt, either!

Nothing captures a wine drinker’s imagination like an underrated (read: underpriced) wine region. Today we’re taking 15% off all wines from Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon – scroll down for a quick introduction or go straight to the sale now!

Provence and Languedoc Map

The south-facing vineyards of Provence are on some of the best vine-growing territory in the world, with a perfect Mediterranean climate tempered by the cooling effects of the sea. The region produces a broad range of wines, most which pair seamlessly with Provence’s light, herb-infused cuisine.

Bandol, arguably the most significant appellation in Provence, produces spicy, earthy, rich red wines. They tend to be big and well-structured, relying on the Mourvèdre grape for their power. Vines in Bandol are grown in very meager soils of gravel, clay, and limestone; this, combined with the hot, dry, coastal climate, gives the thick-skinned berries exactly what they need in order to thrive.

Wines from Côtes de Provence, which can be red, white, or rosé, are the Provençal wines that are easiest to find in the U.S. Rosés account for about 80% of the region’s production, and they are usually fresh, fruity blends of Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah.

Minervois, an appellation in the Languedoc region, produces red and white wines of exceptional quality. The reds (labeled Minervois) tend to be rich and highly extracted blends, aged in neutral vessels or large oak barrels that allow the fruit to take center stage. The white wines of Minervois (labeled Minervois Blanc) are usually blends as well, and seem to improve with every new vintage.

These are a few of the wines enjoyed throughout the French Riviera by those jet-setters we haven’t been thinking about. One sip will transport you there: order today and get yours for 15% off!

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