15% Off New York Wines & Spirits (5/21/13)

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In the last decade or so, new distilleries have been sprouting up like crazy around here, and we’re proud to have been right in the middle of New York’s amazing distilling renaissance.

There are already too many great New York distilleries to list, but here are a few of our current favorites:

Breuckelen Distilling 
With a wheat whiskey, a rye/corn whiskey, and their aptly named Glorious Gin, this new distillery (est. 2010) has swiftly built a passionate fan base – which includes the Astor staff.

Tuthilltown Spirits 
The Tuthilltown distillery, located in the Hudson Valley, uses local ingredients to make a full line of fascinating spirits. Their Baby Bourbon is one of our most popular craft spirits, and with good reason.

Cacao Prieto 
The much-buzzed-about Cacao Prieto is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Their exceptional chocolate-based liqueurs and rums helped give them some momentum, and their whiskeys have proven to be incredible as well. In fact, we liked their bourbon so much that we bought an entire cask.

This is just a taste of all the excellent distilleries in our state right now, and there are more opening up all the time. As if being a New Yorker weren’t exciting enough already!


Now for a brief overview of New York State’s major wine regions:

The Hudson River Valley was first planted in 1677, making it home to the oldest vineyards in New York State. In addition to international grapes like Chardonnay, Riesling, and Cabernet Franc, the region also grows a number of French-American hybrids.

Long Island is a major grower of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Winemakers have found that the island’s maritime climate, especially on the North Fork, is ideal for growing Bordeaux grapes.

The Finger Lakes region is known mostly for its whites, such as the delightful Rieslings and Gewürztraminers that are often made into sweet late-harvest or dessert wines.

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