A Favorite Italian White Wine For Summer

Fresh, fragrant and lively, Vermentino is completely at home growing in the Italian Riviera, and the wines made there showcase the stunning purity of the region as well as its diverse character. Roberto Rondelli runs an exquisite, small estate producing wines of great tradition that showcase simplicity and elegance.

This is exactly the kind of go-to warm-weather white that you are looking for. Focused and understated with clearly defined qualities of lemon citrus fruit, sea air, florals, and minerals, this wine has great texture and finishes with a hint of peach and mouthwatering acidity.

Though totally gulpable on its own, this gem really comes to life for great seasonal food pairings. Feel free to try it in almost any circumstance that involves seafood, greens, cheeses, pastas, herbs, and more.

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