Piedmont: The World’s Most Sought-After Wines

Piedmont makes some of the most sought-after wines in all of Italy, and arguably the world. The star of the show is the noble Nebbiolo grape.

Barolo and Barbaresco, two legendary red wines made from Nebbiolo, are renowned for their ability to age for decades. (Nebbiolo is often exceptional in its youth as well.)

Nebbiolo takes center stage today, but Piedmont is teeming with other wines that are just as delightful. Scroll down for a brief introduction, or head straight to our entire selection!

Beyond Barolo: More Incredible Wines From Piedmont

Pelaverga, grown mostly around Verduno, produces reds that are light in color, with distinctive notes of strawberry, cherry, and pink peppercorn. If you’ve never had Pelaverga, pick up a bottle of this gorgeous, well-mineraled version.

Freisa produces delicious red wines in a variety of styles – both still and sparkling, dry and sweet. Whatever the style, Freisa remains a fruit-driven, juicy wine, making it an excellent match for light appetizers. Open this strawberry-scented, unoaked Freisa the next time you’re sharing small plates before the main event.

Ruchè, originally thought to be an export from France, is now believed to have originated in the Monferrato hills surrounding the city of Asti. Wines made from this red grape tend to be medium- to full-bodied, with intense aromas of black plum, pomegranate, and rose petals. Our #11 wine value is a truly lovely example.

Grignolino derives its name from grignole, meaning “pips.” This small-berried red variety makes truly intriguing wines, because the grapes produce very little juice in proportion to pips and skins. Grignolino tends to be pale in color, earthy, and unexpectedly tannic. This one is aromatic, tangy, and delicious.

Arneis, after nearly going extinct in the 1970s, was revived by a number of dedicated growers in Piedmont. Our #7 wine value is made from this fascinating white grape. It’s complex and beautifully balanced, with rich notes of pear and almond.

And the list goes on! There’s lots to explore in this region; getting to know Piedmont is one of the great pleasures of learning about wine. Today is the day to pick up that Barolo you’ve had your eye on, plus a nice Grignolino for the weekend, and an Arneis for light late-summer meals.

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