California All-Stars: Cult Wineries of the Golden Coast

California has long been the playground of eclectic and innovative winemakers, and the go-to region for wine geeks searching for offbeat finds. Join us for a journey along the sunny Golden Coast to discover the small producers making high quality wines with incredible methods, great stories and big personalities.

We’ll discuss how these small producers are creating wines of high caliber through exhaustive attention to detail. If the Old World wrote the book on tradition, these California winemakers have thrown it out the window. We’ll delve into the personalities that have shaped the innovation of California craft wines, and try some of the (sometimes surprising) results of their experimentation.

Along the way, we’ll taste wines from our favorite cult producers (think Bonny Doon, Abe Schoener, Quady) that showcase the beauty of these unique limited production wines, and cover how you can find collection-worthy wines at accessible values.

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