Fizz & Chips

It’s no secret that true Champagne lovers need no occasion to enjoy their favorite bubbly. In fact, a favorite pairing is none other than potato chips. The crisp acidity of sparkling wine cuts right through the oiliness of the chips while the wine’s lush toastiness and fruit tones pair beautifully with the salty crisps.

Which begs the question: Could the same be true for non-Champagne sparkling wines? Perhaps a fruity sparkling Vouvray with Spicy Thai Chips? As a celebration of our favorite pairing, we’re taking it one step further to bring you a tasting like no other: We will pair sixteen sparklers from all over with a wide range of potato chips. Salt & Vinegar? We’ve got a pairing for that! Join us for a fun and casual walk-around tasting, where you’ll find new bubbly to love and snacks to go with it!

What’s the difference between “Champagne” and “sparkling wine,” you ask? Join us for one of our fun and approachable add-on seminars: Champagne 101 with Champagne Sommelier Oumy Diaw will taste five Champagnes and Alternatives to Champagne with Tess Rose Lampert will taste a range of five non-Champagne sparklers. Tickets to the seminars include general admissionto the Fizz & Chips walk-around.

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