Astor Spirits Clubs

From our shelves to your door – check out these three special clubs for the spirits lover:

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Smoky Spirits Club

Try one smoky spirit each month: these may include peaty whisky, a variety of Mezcals, and innovative smoky expressions from the USA
Our wide-ranging selection includes bottles from all over the world – any country that produces smoky distilled spirits is fair game

American Craft Spirits Club
Try one innovative expression each month from the rapidly growing craft distilling industry in America: this may include any exceptional spirit distilled in the US of A, such as whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, and more
Focus is on craft distilleries creating unique, cutting-edge spirits

A Taste of Scotland Spirits Club
Try one new Scotch whisky each month: shipments will include a mix of regions and flavors
Expand your knowledge by tasting Scotch from lesser-known producers and overlooked expressions from well-known producers


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