American Whiskey 101

Join us for an introduction to American Whiskey. In this in-depth tasting class we’ll cover the basics and give you the tools you need to decipher the ever-growing selection of America’s favorite brown spirit.

We’ll sample a flight of an assortment of whiskies from all corners of the country, and learn how to taste like a pro. From here we’ll discuss the different styles of whiskey: from sweet and smooth Bourbon, spicy Rye, to the ever illusive Corn Whiskey and the ever mellow Tennessee Whiskey. Along the way, we’ll explore a slightly drunk version of history, learn how each style is made, and taste how they differ from one another in flavor. When we’re through, you’ll be armed with some guiding principles at your disposal, and be well equipped to navigate ordering straight spirits (and cocktails), as well as growing your home collection based on your personal preferences.

We’ll leave you to answer the question “What makes whiskey so delicious?” on your own.

Learning objectives:
Learn the basic tasting method for whiskey
Explore through tasting, the flavor profiles of each spirit
Distinguish between the major categories of American Whiskey: Bourbon, Rye, Corn Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey
Understand the production differences for each category
Describe the Lincoln County process

Guests will receive:
One welcome beverage
Six tasting pours of American whiskies
Palate cleansing bread and cheese
Two hours of education, including time for Q&A with an Astor Center instructor
Access to our state-of-the-art tasting facility

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