The New Kosher Wines: Not Your Mother’s Manischewitz!

Years ago, most Kosher wine was worth bupkis, and wine lovers endlessly kvetched about it.

Fortunately, Kosher winemaking has made tremendous strides in recent years. It’s been a long time since those old-fashioned Kosher wines – sticky, syrupy-sweet, and often made from Concord grapes – have had to pass for refreshment at Seder. In Israel and all over Europe, talented winemakers are using noble grape varieties to create delicious Kosher wines.

Not convinced? Try a bottle from our Top 11 list and you’ll see how far these wines have come. If you can’t shake your memories of the gloopy Kosher wines of yesteryear, the smoothness of the elegant Barkan Classic Pinot Noir or the dry floral character of the Baron Herzog Sauv Blanc should do the trick.

Passover starts on April 14th, so stock up on Kosher wines now!