Irish Whiskey Revival

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Irish whiskey is back, and whiskey connoisseurs everywhere are rejoicing! Recently the explosion of high quality whiskeys from Ireland has reminded us how much there is to love about uisce beatha (“water of life”).

We’ll gather around a flight of Ireland’s finest to taste the spirits responsible for the Irish whiskey revival, featuring both classic and innovative whiskeys. In this tasting-intensive class, we’ll will explore Ireland’s rich history of whiskey making. Talking points will include Irish whiskey as possibly the first whiskey and definitely the apotheosis of 19th century whiskey making, the decline and consolidation of the industry and the revival in the last 20 years.

Learning objectives:

Learn the basic tasting method for whiskey
Explore through tasting, the flavor profiles of each spirit
Explore the history of Irish whiskey
Identify the traditional mashbill of malted and unmalted barley in traditional pot still Irish whiskey
Recognize the major distilleries in Ireland

Guests will receive:

One welcome beverage
Six tasting pours of Irish whiskies
Palate cleansing bread and cheese
Two hours of education, including time for Q&A with an Astor Center instructor
Access to our state-of-the-art tasting facility