Bottles To Savor : From A Single Barrel Calvados To A Special Vintage Barolo


Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in the finer things in life. Whether you’re feeling inclined to treat yourself, or want to gift a bottle to someone special, these are not to be missed…

Pierde Almas 9 Botanicals Mezcal
It is very rare that a spirit can genuinely appeal to drinkers of two distinctly different spirit categories. This is one of those spirits. In a nutshell: it is a gin made with a base of mezcal instead of a neutral base like you would find in most gins. It really does incorporate the best of both worlds; it is briny, herbal, and smoky at its heart, with curiously incorporated notes of pine, red plum, allspice, clove, and a hint of ginger. A serious, category-defying, complex drink to sip neat or on the rocks. Set a new paradigm for martinis, or just allow your creativity to run wild!

Sassella Valtellina “Grisone,” Alfio Mozzi – 2010
Great with veal, lamb and/or mature hard cheeses, this wine is 100% Nebbiolo (aka Chiavennasca) from the Sassella appellation of Lombardy. Intensely perfumed with lavender, roses, and red cherries, this wine shows a great combination of acidity and tannin. On the palate, it is packed with violets, cranberry, berries, and pine needles.


Dun Bheagan BenRiach 16 Yr. Scotch
This is such an approachable expression from BenRiach. There is loads of honey and orchard fruit. Delicate aromas and a lively palate, with notes of caramel and spice make this ex-bourbon barrel matured whisky as fresh as they come.


Roger Groult 10Yr Single Barrel Calvados
This single barrel of 10-year-old Calvados was specially blended and bottled exclusively for us by fifth generation proprietor Jean-Roger Groult. Single barrels are a rarity in the Calvados world and the extra time this brandy spent in smaller wood has deepened the complexity, with notes of forest spices, clove, treacle, and cigar box. The well-preserved, fresh notes of apple that define this historic estate are overflowing and intoxicating. A stunning beauty of a dram that melts on the palate with a soft texture and vivid flavors. Do not miss the opportunity to grab one of our rarest spirits.


Barr Hill Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin
The first-ever release of aged gin from this outstanding producer is an exclusive batch made specifically for us. The local juniper berries and raw honey that Todd Hardie has been cultivating for the past thirty years are the start of the show here. The nose is a wonderful back and forth volley of invigorating floral juniper, that complements the fresh wood notes perfectly, lemon drops, and sweet honey. The texture is luscious at first but shifts gears on the mid-palate to show off flavors of clementines, banana, caramel, and sawdust, coming full circle to the extended piney, juniper finish. No doubt one of the best things we have ever tasted.

Barolo, Osvaldo Barisone – 1971
In 1971, the merchant, Barisone, purchased barrels of this formidable Barolo from none other than Francesco Rinaldi. Such was the practice during those years to purchase by barrel. Drinking very well today with lively floral fruits, spice, and moderate tannins. Quite the find, considering the quality and vintage.


Barbaresco “Serraboella,” Barale – 2009
A show-stopping wine that rivals many top Langhe Nebbiolos on the market. Classic, elegant, and forward with fruit and a complexity that makes you crave a plate of your best antipasti. Fine quality from the Serraboella, 40-year old vineyards located in Neive.