Sparkling Wines for Every Occasion

Tuesday, Dec 5 6:30 PM – Click here for tickets!


Let’s face it, sparkling wines are the best. They’re versatile, delicious, and just as good on their own as with food. It’s time to explore the bubbly beyond Champagne for celebrations and mimosas at brunch. In this interactive tasting seminar, we’ll savor sparkling wines from all over the world, learn how to identify different styles, and compare methods of production. We’ll also discuss pairings and how to pick top sparklers for every budget.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn basic tasting method for sparkling wines.
  • Taste a variety of sparkling wine styles.
  • Learn how to identify techniques used in making sparkling wines and how they affect the final product.
  • Explore how to incorporate sparkling wines into everyday occasions, including food pairings.

Guests will receive:

  • 7 tasting pours of sparkling wine.
  • Palate cleansing bread and cheese.
  • 2 hours of education, including time for Q&A with an Astor Center instructor.
  • Access to our state-of-the-art tasting facility.

Level: Beginner – Beyond Basics
Style: Guided Wine Tasting Class
Food Served:Palate cleansing bread & cheese
Good for: Wine Enthusiasts, Wine Curious, Sparkling Wine Lover