Winning Natural Wines

Natural, Organic & Biodynamic


Natural wines are trending right now. But what does it mean to be “natural”?

In short, natural wines are made by winemakers dedicated to low-intervention growing and production methods. It sounds simple and yet encapsulates a huge number of growers and producers—all trying to embrace a harmony with nature.

Winemakers who make natural wines are often certified organic, but not always; they often use grapes made with biodynamic farming practices, but some find other low-impact growing methods. All natural wine producers seek ways to show-off grapes’ natural qualities by letting Ma Nature do her thing. That means avoiding mechanisation, chemical treatments in growing, and embracing what nature provides, like ambient yeast and indigenous varietals that are already a part of the ecosystem.

Go natural with these natural wine picks from our staff.

Two Shepherds, Grenache Blanc $29.96

William Allen’s Grenache Blanc tastes like clean, juicy yellow plums. It smells lightly floral, like summer shade on hot afternoons. It’s the perfect pair for kale, anchovies, and croutons on a warm August evening. Or, enjoy it bundled up in the corner of your couch reading Eve Babitz. – Heather Gordon, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Martha Stoumen “Honeymoon” White Blend $34.99

I am a long time admirer of Martha Stoumen and her artistically woven wines. These bottles hit a cord. They make you think. And the Honeymoon (an impeccably named wine) gives you nothing but it’s best. This blend of Colombard and Roussanne tastes like licking raw honeycomb off a late afternoon crescent moon. Dry. Acid high. An electric blend that will linger in your mind for years to come. – Heather Gordon, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Frizzante Rosé, Meinklang $17.96

Need a little Summer right now? Me too! This spritzy wine has some backbone to balance its ripe fruit and floral notes It’s also organic and Biodynamic, so no need to feel guilty about enjoying your self! Strawberries, roses and a lingering finish… Why, yes, I’ll have another! – Erik Guzinski, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Kaefferkopf Grand Cru, L’OriginAl qui gazouille, Binner $29.96

This lovely Grand Cru blend of Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Muscat delivers notes of white roses and rich ripe peaches, while the palate displays lively minerality. Balanced acidity and 6 years bottle ageing result in a complex, sophisticated wine. – Keyana Shaw, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Sitia, Domain Economou $72.96

Yiannis Economou brings an obsessive touch to natural winemaking to the Ziros plateau in Greece. Low intervention techniques yield elegant results in this 15 year old stunner, reminiscent of fine Burgundy. – Gwen Connors, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Kisi, Pheasant’s Tears $19.96

So scotch lovers, you think wine isn’t for you? This skin contact Kisi from Georgia may just have your name all over it. A prominent smokey/saline/medicinal component quite akin to Islay single malts melds with dried apricot and super ripe orange. This could be your new favorite beverage! – Bambi Ray, Wine & Spirits Sales Manager