Emerald Isle Drams: Irish Whiskeys to Know



Irish whiskey today is unrecognizable from where it was not too long ago when your options were limited to the output of just two distilleries. But with craft distillers quickly gaining recognition and a steady stream of aged product from stalwart labels, the boundaries of this historical whiskey are being redrawn before our eyes.

Toast the night away with these Irish whiskeys recommended by our staff.

Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey $99.99

Join the Irish whiskey renaissance! Irish craft production is on the rise. Classic fermentation and distillation techniques are utilized to create a superior sipping distillate! Vibrant, textured, and full flavored as no “chill filtration” is used. – Steven Bowles, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Bushmills 16 Year Irish Whiskey $109.99

Before the hubbub surrounding Japanese whiskey, before the empire of Scotch, there was Irish whiskey. Bushmills has been distilling since 1784. Their single malts are layered, nuanced, and extremely underappreciated. – Sam Davies, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey $64.99

Continuously made since the early 1900s, Green Spot is a historic, truly first-rate single pot still whiskey. Notes of caramel cream, vanilla, warming spices, and tropical fruit make it an absolute pleasure to sip. – Marc Mousky, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Knappogue Castle 12 Year Single Malt $49.99

Think of the Knappogue 12 year as you would a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, I know, it’s a whiskey and the proof is abv is lofty, but its fruit is like nothing else I’ve tried in the whiskey world. Bright yellow citrus and delicate white floral notes all wrapped up in a blanket of passion fruit and lemon rind. – Heather Gordon, Sales Manager

Redbreast Lustau Edition Irish Whiskey $77.99

Olsen Olsen is one of the world’s finest candy bars, yet is mostly confined to its homeland of Iceland. Revisit this delicacy in tipple form with the milk chocolate, marzipan, and salty black licorice components in a rich sherry-influenced Irish whiskey. – Vince Grace, Wine & Spirits Consultant

Teeling Whiskey Company Small Batch Irish Whiskey $39.99

Teeling makes universally great whiskey but the Small Batch, aged in rum casks, always stands out. Malty and rich, its initial notes of honey and vanilla give way to dried fruit, coconut, and wonderfully lingering spice. – Jon Miner, Wine & Spirits Consultant