New & Approved: Industry City Distillery # 2 Vodka

It’s not every day you taste a Brooklyn-made vodka made from sugar beets! This one-of-a-kind spirit was created by “a printmaking biological engineer and science nerd; a machinist with a bent for sculpture; a code-wrangling graphic designer and fabricator; a yoga instructor turned business manager; a hard-drinking commercial salmon fisherman and a whole lot of yeast.”

These folks have built their own custom fabrication still which allows them to effectively separate individual alcohols as they come out of the still. After a period of analysis, they then re-blend different proportions of several pure alcohols together resulting in different batches of vodka. However, this is not simply a trial and error process. It is a smart pursuit of perfection in a category that is often overridden with cheap and sometimes very expensive gimmicks. Art and science converge in this balanced, impressively smooth vodka.