A Completely New Category Of Spirits: Single Cask Spanish Brandy

This may be one of the rarest things we have ever been able to carry. And it’s a real shame because it’s just so good we really wish there was more. Much more. Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits fame and the Equipo Navazos partners famous for their bottlings of single cask sherries, have partnered up to create a completely new category of spirits; Single cask Spanish Brandy, in this case aged in used Oloroso casks. There are absolutely not additives (ie. caramel, sugar) added at any point. The initial point of this project was to find out what pure, un-manipulated Spanish Brandies tasted like in their rawest form. They soon found out how hard it was to find what they were looking for but searched extensively and eventually did. The brandy that they found was aged for 6 and a half years by the water in the hot, dry climate of Jerez, Spain. That was enough time for the angel’s share to be over 50% and the resulting spirit is incredibly mature. The spirit has a really broad appeal and is meant to be enjoyed by many. The aromas are plentiful with elements of driftwood, brine, and sea air, nuttiness, raisins, molasses, figs, and dried prunes. We also found coffee and creme brulee, toffee, and salted caramel and a totally dry profile. Many of these are found on the palate and there is an overall quality that is just indescribable. This kind of stuff doesn’t come around that often. Luckily, we hear there are plans for more bottlings that will surely be just as individual but please don’t wait around to buy this one, it’s that good. This is the kind of spirit we typically only dream of existing.

Limited bottles available.