Thinking Inside The Box

What if I took a really fantastic wine and put it in a box? If I sold it as a “box wine,” would it be any less delicious?

Stereotypes in the wine business are constantly being challenged:

• Not all sweet wines are bad (in fact, some of the “greatest” wines in the
world are sweet)

• Sometimes great wines have twist-off caps (Stelvins)
• Merlot doesn’t “suck” (despite what many people took away from the movie

• And now, the notion that only wines of poor quality are available in boxes…

One importer has gone so far as to completely rethink the idea of “the box.” Wineberry went to several producers (of excellent wine) and asked if they would allow the importer to package their wines in four-liter boxes – but not just any boxes. These boxes are made of wood and are reminiscent of those classic Bordeaux crates. They bring an air of sophistication to the box wine market. Wineberry has really been doing a great job of changing perceptions about boxed wines, and they have received a lot of praise from the press, consumers, and “wine geeks” alike.

Another importer has been getting a lot of attention for their boxed wines as well. Jenny and François Selections is famous for importing natural wines. These wines are generally made with a very hands-off approach and can be really exciting! Their “From the Tank” line offers value-oriented, high-quality wines at a lower price than their bottled counterparts.

Aside from it tasting good and being a great value, why else should you buy this new breed of box wine?

Boxed wines come in a virtually airtight bag, which helps prevent spoilage. You can often enjoy the same box for months. You no longer need to feel pressure to finish a bottle in one sitting. Drink what you want and leave the rest for later, secure that It will be just as delicious tomorrow!

Boxed wines are better for the environment. This works in couple of ways:
A three-liter box of wine is equal to four bottles, but weighs only a fraction as much, and takes up much less space. This leaves a smaller carbon footprint. This also equals a big saving for the consumer because it is cheaper at every step of production, except the most important part… the wine.

Also, by buying boxed wine, you are producing much less packaging waste, and many of these producers use packaging that is almost completely recyclable.

If you’re not already convinced, try one of these wines and I’m sure they will win you over!

Ch. Moulin de la Roquille, Côtes de Francs
This is a medium to light-bodied Bordeaux that has notes of cassis and spicy new wood. A great choice for the table.

Ch. Tassin, Bordeaux Rouge
Château Tassin is located in Rions, a beautiful medieval village on the right bank of the Garonne River. Well made and intensely ruby-colored the palate opens with squashed,mixed berry flavor and rounded spice notes. A solid, sturdy Bordeaux, ideal for gatherings with carnivore friends.

Côtes-du-Rhône, From the Tank, Estezargues
Ripe grapiness meets black cherry fruit in this exceptionally high-quality bag-in-box. Candied fruit on the nose is followed by hints of smoke and anise on the palate. Equal to four bottles of wine!