Your Frankenstorm Survival Guide

“Frankenstorm” is making its way to the Northeast, and while only some of us will take the warnings seriously and stock up on water and canned beans, we should ALL be stocking up on the biggest essential for riding out a storm: booze. We asked our staff which favorite bottle they would want to have on hand if they were forced to cozy up at home for a few days…

Osocalis Apple Brandy
If I were evacuating due to flood or zombie warnings, I’d fit a bottle of this into my Go Bag. It is muscular and warming and strong and, as a drop will do you, would last until the storm surge recedes. Not to mention that it is a delicious elixir that tastes of autumn orchard air. –Jennifer S., General Manager of Astor Center


Ruinart, Blanc de Blancs
If I’m going to be trapped inside all day, I’m going to be doing so with a bottle of bubbles. And no bottle can brighten up a rainy day quite like Ruinart’s classic Blanc de Blancs. –Kimberly S., Director of Programming for Astor Center

“La Mule”, Dom. Chahut et Prodiges
Because I never, ever get tired of Gamay, it can be a little funky (like the weather) and it makes me happy on even the most gloomy of days. –Valerie C., Assistant Wine Buyer for Astor Wines & Spirits


VdT “Tant-Mieux” Petillant Naturel, Bornard
Because it’s going to be a party and this wine is delicious, fun, and dare I say little sexy! Rich and oxidative, it is made in an off-dry style, with notes of strawberry, raspberry, cider, toast, and earth. I don’t know about you, but with wines like this I can’t wait for Sandy! –Omari W., Sales Associate for Astor Wines & Spirits

Barolo, Rocche di Castiglione, Oddero – 1996
Having lived in Florida for many years, I’m used to hurricane false alarms, so I’d probably take advantage of the free day to braise something. And if my power does happen to go out, I can think of worse ways to ride out a storm than with a good book and a bottle of mature Barolo. –Duncan M., Sales Associate for Astor Wines & Spirits