Wines For Your Favorite Winter Comfort Foods

Cold winds and snow (or, more likely in New York City, ice and freezing rain) mean winter is really here. Everyone knows it’s best to stay inside and keep warm by an oven with a slow-cooking stew inside, or around a pot of melting cheese accompanied by steaming-hot potatoes. With fondue (or raclette) and buttery potatoes, complex and crisp whites cut through richness wonderfully; the ubiquitous winter greens and root vegetables available now demand rustic, musky, medium-bodied reds; classic meaty braises need a full-bodied wine with tannins and depth. These satisfying wines will ward away winter blues and keep you warm until spring comes!



Medium-bodied, rustic wines for roasted root vegetables and winter greens
Anjou Rouge, Dom. du Closel – 2010
Cheverny Rouge, Dom. du Moulin – 2010
L’Atypic de Peybonhomme, Côtes de Bordeaux – 2010

Crisp, complex, dry wines for buttery potatoes and warm melted cheeses
Riesling, Mehofer – 2010
Coda di Volpe, Terra di Briganti – 2011
Zepaltas Lake County Sauvignon Blanc – 2011 

Hearty, full-bodied wines for meaty braises
Alvear “Palacio Quemado,” Ribera del Guadiana – 2006
Sios Cabernet Sauvignon – 2011
Teroldego, Moser – 2009