Our Favorite Bubbly Alternatives to Champagne

You can never have too much bubbly! Find out more about a few of our favorite Alternatives to Champagne below – or head to the big sale now!

Cava is an excellent Champagne alternative, and its easy-drinking character makes it hugely popular. We’ve got a rosé version in our Top 11 list this week: Click here to try a fresh and lovely version made from an indigenous red Spanish grape.

Prosecco has a broader appeal than almost any other wine: always fresh and approachable, this Italian bubbly is perfect for large gatherings. Bring a bottle of this dry and elegant Prosecco to your next party.

Also a huge hit at parties, sparkling red Lambrusco is a delightful, robust Italian wine. Try this berry-flavored, well-mineraled, dry version for a very tasty introduction.

…And the list goes on! Dozens of great sparkling wines are on sale today at Astor. Come to the store and see them all – or browse our full sale selection here.