A Gorgeous And Exclusive Single-Barrel Brandy

Hubert Germain-Robin has made a name for himself by creating some of the highest-quality brandies in the world. Originally from an old Cognac family, he migrated to California in search of a new place to practice his craft. While remaining “old world” in most ways, his innovations came from focusing on high-quality single-grape varietals coming from single vineyards to create spirits of purity and distinction.

We are honored to follow that philosophy with a single-barrel bottling. Gorgeous honey, citrus zest, toasted almonds, Anjou pear, pure vanilla, and a hint of musk absolutely radiate from the glass and come together harmoniously on the palate wrapped up in a warm spiciness that lingers on the finish. There are worlds of other things going on, too.

Simply put, it is hard to match in character and quality. Very highly recommended.

Try Germain Robin Astor Single Barrel Brandy