Two Stellar Malbecs for Nights and Weekends

These two Malbecs wowed our staff! Try them out with dinner or to unwind after work tonight!



La Rousse, Malbec – 2013

The common belief seems to be “The higher the price, the better the wine.” Now, while this is true some of the time, I don’t think it is a worthwhile mantra to use as a yardstick for quality.

I recently had a chance to taste through a gauntlet of Malbecs. Some were tannic goliaths dying to be paired with a steak that was still mooing. And others were richly spiced and could perform a lovely duet with dark chocolate or a nice cigar. The “La Rousse” (the least expensive of the bunch) outperformed the lot with bright black fruit, fresh figs, and refreshing mint, while remaining lean and balanced. At last, a Malbec I can enjoy without the need for a smoking jacket or a $50 steak.

It just goes to show that price doesn’t always reveal the true measure of a wine.



Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Gran Malbec Kosher – 2013

As Malbec, one of Bordeaux’s five grapes, is being phased out in France, it has grown to be one of the main red grapes of Argentina. The grape is purple-skinned and the clone used has full, luscious dark berry flavors with substantial but not bitter tannins and a good acid backbone. The vineyard and winery is owned by Baron Rothschild, who is associated with only the finest wineries and winemakers around the world. The Gran Malbec is a great holiday wine as well as an everyday food wine. Since it is not Mevushal, the natural grape flavors have not been altered. It is highly compatible with slow-roasted brisket and chicken dishes and root vegetables. Because of its smoothness, it is also a wine to share with friends even when not dining.