Italian Wines To Discover

The Hidden Gems in Italian Wines

Italy produces the largest volume of wine in the world from its vast array of regions and varietals. So which Italian Wines  to choose? There are plenty of well-known names, but we asked our ace sales team and buyers to suggest some obscure Italian Wine gems. Here are selections from Erik Guzinksi, Marco Castillo, Laura Mooney, Sara Sparks, Misaki Reinoso, and Lorena Ascencios.

Discovering Italian Wines

Lugana, Ca’ Lojera – 2014
Lugana is a region known for spectacular white Italian wines at bargain basement pricing. You may be surprised to know that this “Trebbiano” is more akin to Verdicchio, which gives it sleek minerality, gorgeous aromatics, and fresh ripe melon fruit. Pair with lighter meats, shellfish, or white pizza. Whatever you do, don’t pass it up. Delicious! – EG

Nerello Mascalese Vigne Vecchie IGT, Calabretta – 2004
My favorite wine from Sicily is Nerello Mascalese. I like its ability to age gracefully. It evolves into a more complex and elegant wine. This mature Calabretta is a treat with aromas and flavors of candied red fruit, coffee, tobacco, chocolate, cedar, and mushrooms. Decanting is a must. – MC

Lacrima Nera “dirosaetdiviola,” Fontezoppa – 2012
Lacrima is a highly aromatic red grape from the Marches region. Get to know the violet aromas and dark fruit notes layered with stoney minerality in this delicious wine. An ideal Italian wine for adventurous palates. – LM

Ribolla Gialla, Dorigo – 2014
If your preference for white wine includes flavors of apple and stone fruit, I invite you to the world of Ribolla Gialla. Fantastic citrusy and malic flavors coupled with a honeyed roundness hits can be found in this refreshing Italian wine. The finish boasts a savory edge. It is best paired with dishes from the Friuli region, like potato gnocchi and squash, vegetable soup or chowder, or a simple snack of bread, garlic, and prosciutto. – SS

Sassella Valtellina “Grisone,” Alfio Mozzi – 2010
While you may not be able to pinpoint where Valtellina is in Lombardia, you likely know that Nebbiolo makes some of the best wines in the world. Northern Italy is home to this noble grape. Winemaker Alfio Mozzi owns prime Nebbiolo parcels on the western side of Sassella. The wine is reminiscent of the best examples of this variety from the Langhe. – LA

Pigato “Ca Da Rena,” Punta Crena – 2013
Pigato, another one of the thousands of local grape varieties of Italian wines. This is from the Mediterranean coastal region of Liguria. Full of citrus, stone fruits, salty minerals with mouth-watering acidity. Pair with a seafood pasta or with fresh tomato salad! – MR