White Wines that Stand Out

White Wines Chosen by our Staff


There is a huge variety of white wines and they come in a wide range of yellow-colored hues. White wines are made from the pulp of grapes and those grapes have an array of colors. Dry white wines are the most common but there are lots of choices. To help you pick one from among the vast selection of white wines, here are recommendations from sales associates Erik Guzinski, Sam Davies, Josh Mizrahi, Heather Gordon, and Carrie Shaw.

Foxglove Chardonnay – 2012
Jim Varner—in case you didn’t know—is one of California’s top Chardonnay producers. This time, he and his brother Bob brings us the white wines of Foxglove: a very well-balanced, accessible wine that is unoaked and doesn’t go through malolactic fermentation. The focus here is on fruit—ripe, high-quality fruit that can go toe-to-toe with more “serious” white wines at twice the price (I’m looking at you, Mâconnais white wines). On the nose, there are notes of pineapple, green apple, and zippy lemon tone. The palate shows a rich but restrained body. Tangerines and a light grassiness transition into a surprisingly long finish. -EG

Bâtard-Montrachet, Paul Pernot – 2004
I am smoked oysters on the veranda. I am silky sheets on the hotel bed. I am the electric. I am yearning! I am appetite! Ladies and gentlemen, I am ecstasy itself! -SD

Sancerre, Dom. Buissonnes – 2014
This refreshingly crisp and elegant white from the Loire Valley is a shining star. Made entirely of Sauvignon Blanc, this is a highly acidic and mineral-driven wine. On the nose, you get pleasant tropical aromas such as passion fruit, pineapple, and citrus. White wines like this are excellent pairings with oysters and seafood—or are perfectly lovely by themselves. -HG

Muscadet sur Lie, Ch. de l’Aujardière – 2014
The white wines of Muscadet are shockingly good values—and this one is no exception. This is a fresh, zippy, palate-pleasing kind of wine that drinks way above its price range. Tasted blind, I would have guessed a much higher price point. Refreshing acid, yellow stone fruits, and minerality. Don’t miss out. -CS