Dinner Party Wines and Spirits to Enjoy

Your Dinner Party will Delight with these Wines and Spirits


The right wine or spirit makes every meal an occasion, and every dinner party an elegant one. And what better way to make your holiday meals even more fabulous than with an amazing bottle that pairs perfectly. Whether you’re serving pot roast, roast chicken, baked ham, paella, or caprese salad, these bottles are sure bets at all of your holiday get-togethers and wintry dinner parties. To simplify your dinner party planning, we’ve compiled a list of the very best food-friendly wines and crowd-pleasing spirits that will go with almost any entree you’re cooking up this season: Here are some dinner party suggestions from sales associates Erik Guzinski, Sam Davies, Josh Mizrahi, and Marcarthur Baralla, as well as sales manager Sara Sparks and assistant spirits buyer Cristina Nichols.

Paul Beau Lignee de Samuel Cognac  $499.96
Maison Paul Beau has produced a Cognac that truly defies words. It is a rancio style blend of distillates from 1930 and 1950 vintages. Very rarely does anyone get to drink drink something older than oneself. And it is worth every penny. The spirit evolved in my glass so much over the course of an hour that a few descriptive terms would not be enough: a deep buttery palate with bitter orange, leather, and roasted nuts. It has an exceptionally long, rich, and creamy finish. I could go on and on! – EG

Hautes Glaces Single Cask Single Malt  $129.96
If you want to delight and bamboozle your connoisseur and newbie friends alike pour them this French Single Malt. French whisky? Yes, I know it sounds strange but this dram is a fine banquet in a glass. Strengthen the friendships you share with some of the most interesting whisky I’ve ever tasted. You can quote me on that if you like. – SD

Heitz Cellars “Trailside Vineyard,” Cabernet Sauvignon – 2004  $86.99
Here is the perfect California Cabernet for that dinner party when you really need to impress. Organic, single vineyard, and already aged for you from a great vintage (2004), this Heitz Cellars “Trailside Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon is ready to drink now. With dark earth, ripe fruit, and silky tannins you can pair with cheese or dinner, or with that boss or loved one you want to dazzle. – JM

Citlucka Žilavka, Brkic Winery – 2014  $14.99
Have you ever tried a Bosnian wine? Here is one your friends will talk about at your next dinner party. Made from Žilavka, an indigenous grape from the southern part of Bosnia, this wine offers a large range of herbal notes with a good amount of minerality. Indeed a complex wine from an unknown land. Just one thing: Don’t tell your friends the price! – MB

Veuve Fourny, Cuvée du Clos Nôtre Dame, 1er Cru, Extra Brut – 2005  $99.96
The stunning gold box and regal bottle shape suggest this wine is fancy, but its price is hiding just how rare and precious the wine inside is. Cuvée du Clos Nôtre Dame Dame hails from an excellent vintage, 60-year-old Chardonnay vines, and a solitary walled vineyard staked out by the same monks who famously carved up Burgundy. I’m privileged to have tasted this gorgeous tête-de-cuvée, which is regal and unctuous and ready to drink. It is only made in years when weather conditions permit, then it’s aged for 9 years(!) resulting in maybe a couple hundred bottles. Comparatively, Dom Perignon, another Champagne that’s pretty well known, makes 5 million bottles a vintage. – SS

Nikka Coffey Malt Japanese Whisky  $74.99
Since my first preview taste more than a year before its official US debut, I eagerly anticipated the delicious arrival of the Nikka Coffey Malt. Thankfully my memory did not disappoint upon re-tasting. Smelling this brings to mind very good, dark chocolate with salt crystals. Sweetness abounds with toffee, nougat, orange marmalade, apricots, and biscotti. The texture is silky yet light with lingering coffee notes on the finish. It’s simply scrumptious. – CN