Thanksgiving Wines and Spirits Top Picks

Thanksgiving Wines and Spirits Your Guests will Love


Surprise your Thanksgiving dinner guests with more than just a fabulously cooked turkey and all the fixings—bring Thanksgiving wines and spirits that are sure to make the meal even more memorable. We asked the Astor Wines & Spirits staff for drink suggestions that are crowd-pleasing, seasonally-appropriate, and perfect with Thanksgiving cuisine. Feast your eyes on these Thanksgiving wines and spirits recommendations from sales associates Sam Davies, Erik Guzinski, Tekla Israelson, Josh Mizrahi, Cyrena Bierley, Marcarthur Baralla, Tammie Teclemariam, and Amy Miller, as well as sales managers Bambi Ray and Doug Yacka, and also spirits buyer Nima Ansari-Bahmani and wine buyer Lorena Ascencios.

Lemorton 25 yr. Calvados  $124.96
What better way to celebrate the harvest better than with delicious brandy made from apples and pears? Whether you’re waxing nostalgic about seasons past or revisiting an anecdote over pie, you’ll want something in your glass as beautiful as the memories you’ve made. A snifter of this will give you dried apples, clarified butter, baking spice, and homemade caramel, while reminding you where you belong. This is an excellent Thanksgiving spirit. – SD

The Six Isles Scotch  $39.96
The Six Isles Scotch is blend of six individual single malts, one from each of the six whisky-producing islands of Scotland (Islay, Jura, Mull, Arran, Skye, and Orkney). Simultaneously complex and concentrated, this great Thanksgiving spirit is deceptively lighter and more nimble compared to its smoky Islay cousins that cost twice as much! – EG

Sweetdram Moonshine Liqueur  $39.96
The makers of Sweetdram are gypsy distillers of sorts. Without a distillery of their own, they travel the world with their recipes collaborating with other spirits producers to create highly unique drinks like their Moonshine Liqueur. Using Kings County Distillery moonshine as its base, they then macerate sour cherries and add allspice, coriander and hibiscus, resulting in a unique, balanced liqueur which can be sipped neat or mixed into a delicious fall cocktail. A great Thanksgiving spirit. – TI

Au Bon Climat “Bien Nacido”, Pinot Noir – 2012  $45.96
Here is a great Thanksgiving wine for your holiday meal or gift. This food-friendly Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara splits the difference between ripe tart California fruit and a earthy dry Burgundian finish. This wine’s savory—almost umami—quality makes it perfect for rich dishes. – JM

Rozelieures Origin Single Malt Whisky  $39.96
G. Rozelieures is the only 100% single malt French whisky. What a great Thanksgiving spirit to sit down with after your feast! Different from the Scotch and Japanese spirits you sipped on in years past, but just as spectacular. A complex malt core with notes of citrus peel and rosy, rooibos tea rounded with wood smoke and hazelnuts. A beautiful French whisky that is sure to impress dinner guests, with a whole collection to explore! – CB

Ch. Peybonhomme les Tours “Le Blanc Bonhomme,” White – 2014  $21.96
Chateau Peybonhomme is a perfect example that even in Bordeaux biodynamic farming is possible. Made from 50/50 Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc, “Le Blanc Bonhomme” is fresh with a clean texture and citrus notes. This Thanksgiving wine is pleasant and easy to drink. – MB

Vilmart “Grand Cellier” 1er Cru – NV  $74.96
This rich and toasty Champagne never loses its elegance. Expect it to transition seamlessly from appetizers, to the main course, to pie. A great Thanksgiving wine choice if you want to make an impression. – TT

Viña Cubillo Rioja, Lopez de Heredia – 2007  $26.96
López de Heredia is one of Rioja’s oldest and most beloved wineries—one that truly embodies family and tradition. Currently run by the fourth generation, the winery has stayed true to traditional winemaking, earning a devoted following. At ten years old this especially good Thanksgiving wine from their Cubillo vineyard is drinking beautifully, showing ripe cherries, cranberry, and leather with bright acidity and fine tannins. – AM

Barr Hill Gin  $37.96
If pre-meal cocktails are part of your holiday tradition, there is no better Thanksgiving spirit than Barr Hill Gin. Caledonia Spirits celebrates the Thanksgiving spirit year-round by by using the crops of Vermont farmers for all of their spirits. This unique gin even features locally-harvested honey—something we can all be thankful for! – BR

Savennières “Le Clos,” Ch. de Plaisance – 2014  $26.96
Autumn always puts me in the mood for Chenin Blanc. This dry, rich example exudes apple, pear, and honey notes that are a match made in heaven for turkey and stuffing. This Thanksgiving wine is sure to leave you and your guests giving thanks. – DY

Barolo Chinato, Barale  $49.96
The Barolo wine is nearly a decade old and fortified with the family’s secret recipe that dates back over 100 years. Overflowing with complex bittersweet flavors that is just the thing every Thanksgiving table needs. An unbeatable value. – NAB

Irancy, Jean-Pierre et Stéphanie Colinot – 2010  $34.96
Red Burgundy from an excellent vintage that you can drink now. The Colinot family domain is located in Irancy which is located way up in the north of Burgundy near Chablis. They craft Burgundy like the old guard—by laboring year-round in the vineyards so that by the time the fruit is harvested, most of the work is complete. The fruits of their labor are impressive. – LA